Schools that teach, not just K-12, but Higher Ed, trade schools and apprenticeship programs. College is a great option. However, it's not the only option nor is it the right option for many students. That's why I would work to secure more funding for vocational schools and apprenticeship programs, so that every student has more opportunities and can choose the best path for themselves.

Efficient government

A government is run by and for the People. As your representative, I will work tirelessly to make sure they're spending your tax dollars wisely. I will work hard to eliminate waste and any misuse of taxpayer dollars. Being more efficient with what we have is far easier than raising new revenues. Thoughtful oversite of the levels of bureaucracy in each department and eliminating waste or duplication of services could save huge dollars. Combining services where possible could start to realize small savings. Small savings across the board would eventually amount to huge benefits and a sustainable government that works for and is responsive to everyone.

Strong cities

Cities need support from our government. We should not expect government to provide for our every need, but they should not hurt us either. I will work hard to ensure that every city I represent gets the funding that they deserve, to do what is best for their citizens. Over the years, Government’s have passed unfunded mandates on to our cities. This is a burden that cities like our Tri-Cities are not able to easily cope with. Usually it means other services are cut. Strong Cities that function smoothly, growing revenues, managing risks, providing services, creating a great quality of life will collectively build a strong and sustainable State Economy.

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