Current Duties as of 1-1-18

Present  Richland City Council Duties

1. Liaison – Richland Utility Advisory Committee,  meets quarterly.

2. Liaison – Richland Planning Commission,  meets two times per month.

3. Liaison – Richland Senior Association,  meets  monthly.

4. Liaison – Richland Arts Commission, meets two times per month.

5. Liaison - Board of Director – Benton Franklin Community Action Committee, meets monthly.

6. Liaison - Board of Director -  Tri-City Visitors and Convention Bureau (Visit Tri-Cities), meets monthly.

7. Liaison – PAC - Benton Franklin Council of Government, meets - monthly.

8. Liaison – Board of Directors - Richland Public Facilities District – meets bi-monthly.

Present Personal Board of Director Duties and civic organization memberships

1. Tri-City Residential Services Inc., Board President, meets monthly in Kennewick.

2. Washington State Council on Aging, Board Secretary, meets monthly in Seattle area.

3. Washington State Building Code Council, meets monthly in Olympia.

4. Washington State Sentencing Guidelines  Commission, meets monthly in Seattle area.

5. Washington State Emergency Management Council, meets monthly in Tacoma/Camp Murray.

6. SE Washington Aging and Long Term Care Council of Governments, meets monthly in Pasco.

7. Department of Energy’s Hanford Advisory Board, meets monthly in Richland.

8. The Nature Conservancy’s East Cascades Steering Committee, meets quarterly in Que Elem.

9. Richland Seniors Assn.

10. Three Rivers Corvette Club.

11. Rotary Club of Richland

12. WA Department of Commerce - Hanford Area Economic Investment Fund Advisory Board member

Present Volunteer Duties

1. Kadlec Medical Center Emergency Room -Triage – every weekend

1. Richland Food Bank - weekly


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