I moved to Richland from Denver, CO in 2002. Bechtel National Inc. transferred me here as a part of the Electrical Engineering Group where for the next seven years I was the Electrical Lead and Responsible Engineer for the Plant Wide Communications Network of voice, data, security, public address, wireless access and building emergency evacuation systems at the new $12.2 Billion Vitrification Plant for the Department of Energy. I retired in 2009.

During my time at the VIT Plant, in addition to my normal duties, I chaired two separate safety councils, organized and managed numerous annual Red Cross Blood Drives, managed the annual Highway Cleanup drives for WA State Department of Transportation, was chairman of two record setting United Way Campaigns and participated in various food and clothing drives.

Almost immediately upon moving here I became involved in Richland community and civic events. I joined the Richland Volunteers in Police Services, was appointed to the Richland Housing and Community Development Board, joined the Rotary Club of Richland, which I am still a member almost 14 years later, was appointed to the Richland Parks and Recreation Commission, then ran for a seat on the Richland City Council two times before winning on the third try.

I served two years on my first term on the council and was re-elected for a four year term in 2011. In year two of this term, I was elected as Mayor Pro Tem. I was elected again for another four year term in 2015. I have served and still do on many liaison assignments to city boards and commissions, 15 to be exact. I also am appointed to five different WA State Boards and Commissions, one DOE board and one Benton County board

I am the Board President of Tri-Cities Residential Services Inc. I volunteer at Kadlec Medical Center Emergency Room every weekend where I have achieved over 3,000 hours of service.I also volunteer at the Tri-cities Food Bank every Monday. I recently joined the Benton Franklin Recovery Coalition. My next project will be establishing the Tri-Cities as a Dementia Friendly Community.

During this last ten years that I have served on the Richland City Council, I have NEVER missed a scheduled council meeting. We typically have two council meetings and one workshop meeting every month plus retreats. I have only missed one workshop. That was only because I was in Olympia on AWC Board business and could not get back in time. More than once I have been out of town at a meeting, returned for a council meeting then drove back after the council meeting ended to continue the meetings. I say this to emphasize my commitment to my fellow council members and the citizens of Richland. I take this commitment very serious and have always done what I believe to be best for the city itself and the majority of our citizens.

Protecting the economic engine of the City of Richland is my most important responsibility. Doing what is best for the majority of our citizens is the second most important job. Of course that also includes every business within our city. That is my only agenda. These are difficult times for businesses and ordinary citizens. The cost of doing business continues to rise ex-potentially including risk management both internal and external, regulations, manpower, finances, taxes, etc. How we deal fairly without hurting any one group, but operating the business of the city as a major corporation and employer will sustain us..

All Governments, state, local, county or federal can help, hurt or just get in the way. Our council needs to work as a team with the City Manager and Senior Staff. Our collective goal should be doing what is best for the majority and that economic engine. Star flyers and outsized talents and egos never build a team. Together I believe we can continue to achieve that human imperative that builds and sustains excellence, creating amazing results for everyone.

If you believe this information rates giving me another term on this council, I will be very grateful and do my very best to continue to do this job as I have done these past ten years.

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