Phillip Lemley for 8th District

House of Representatives

Please help me to create a foundation of trust and partnership between myself and every resident of the 8th Legislative District. Here is what I am asking each of you to do if you are willing.  Give me your e-mail address so I can create an interactive data base where I can send out information year-round. During the sessions I will post upcoming bills that would up for a vote. I will ask each of you to send me concerns, ideas, comments and complaints. Then I’ll ask each of you to send me an up or down vote for every single item or bill. I would then tabulate the results and my vote on each particular bill/item would be the result of the majority opinion.

I don’t care what political party you favor. I will make sure that only residents of the 8th District can vote and that only one vote per e-mail
address will be counted. I will NOT give out your e-mail address without getting written permission from each of you.

I am doing this so I can be as transparent as possible and get everyone involved in this political process. The vocal minority is always heard from and I believe they are vitally important, but not any more so than the silent majority which tends not to get involved as much. This is a way for everyone to play a vital role in making decisions that do what is best for the majority as well as the greater good. No one will be able to say that their voice was not heard, but you must participate.

Even if I disagree with the results I will still abide by the majority opinion. I will do everything I can to educate you on the merits of each bill/item that you are asked to vote on.

I will make this promise. This position will be a full time job. My 100% focus will be on the 8th District, our residents, business community and municipalities. My door will always be open and my phone always on to everyone that needs to contact me, please give me a chance to prove it.

Phillip Lemley

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